Join Abanicos Aparisi at PSI European Trade Show 9-11, January 2024!

Exciting news is brewing in the world of handheld fans! Abanicos Aparisi, the renowned manufacturer of exquisite handcrafted fans, is thrilled to announce its attendance at the upcoming PSI European Trade Show, scheduled to take place in January 2024. This highly anticipated event will be an excellent opportunity for fan enthusiasts, customers, and industry professionals to explore our extensive collection of handheld fans. We warmly invite you to visit us at Stand 9C22 to witness the artistry and elegance that defines Abanicos Aparisi.

Discover the Beauty of Handcrafted Fans:

Abanicos Aparisi has been a leading name in the world of hand fans since 1888. Our commitment to preserving the rich heritage of traditional fan-making techniques has allowed us to create exquisite and timeless pieces that captivate hearts and minds. The PSI European Trade Show will showcase a wide range of our meticulously crafted handheld fans, each one a masterpiece that combines artistry, quality, and functionality.

Visit Us at Stand 9C22:

At Stand 9C22, you will have the exclusive opportunity to explore our captivating fan collection up close. Immerse yourself in the delicate beauty of intricately hand-painted designs, the lustrous elegance of our inlays, and the luxurious feel of fine fabrics. From classic and traditional styles to contemporary and innovative designs, our handheld fans cater to every taste and occasion. Our team of knowledgeable representatives will be there to guide you through our collection, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in finding the perfect fan to complement your style or event.

Experience Unmatched Quality:

At Abanicos Aparisi, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each fan is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty. With a wide selection of designs, colors, and sizes available, our fans are not only fashion accessories but also functional tools to keep you cool and stylish in every season.

Networking and Collaboration:

The PSI European Trade Show is not only a platform for discovering the latest trends and innovations but also an opportunity to connect with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and potential partners. Abanicos Aparisi is excited to engage with like-minded individuals, forge new relationships, and explore collaboration opportunities that can further elevate the world of handheld fans.

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of handcrafted fans at the PSI European Trade Show during January of 2024. Visit Abanicos Aparisi at Stand 9C22 to experience the timeless beauty, artistry, and quality that our fans are renowned for. Whether you are a fan aficionado, a fashion enthusiast, or simply curious about the captivating world of hand fans, we eagerly await your presence at this remarkable event. Join us in celebrating the artistry of Abanicos Aparisi and discover the perfect handheld fan that complements your style and adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

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Abanicos Aparisi

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That small company that was born in the shelter of a select public for which pieces of the purest crafts were made, is today an entity that operates on an international scale dividing its production between Asia and Europe, and that exports its products to countries of the five continents and an increasingly diverse audience.

ABANICOS APARISI S.L. ha recibido por parte de La Generalitat Valenciana, la cantidad de 100.000 € en apoyo al proyecto HISOLV/2021/3933/46 del PLAN EMPRESARIAL “PLAN RESISITIR PLUS”.
ABANICOS APARISI S.L. ha recibido por parte de La Generalitat Valenciana, la cantidad de 7.000 € en apoyo al proyecto CMARTE/2021/265/46 del PLAN AYUDAS DIRECTAS ARTESANIA “CMARTE”.

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